Registration & Immunizations

San Simon School is a Tohono O’odham Bureau of Indian Education school serving elementary students (K–8) in the western part of the Nation including Pisinemo District, Gu Vo District, Hickiwan District, and Ajo.

Enrollment Eligibility

To enroll at San Simon School, children must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • To enroll in kindergarten, a child must be five years of age before September 1 of the school year.
  • All students must meet the requirements of the Code of Federal Regulations with the following exceptions: 
    • Children of federal employees can enroll at the school nearest to where their parent is employed.
    • Students who do not qualify for funding through the Bureau of Indian Education may be admitted upon approval by the school board. 
    • We will accept Native American students living outside the tribal boundary who are not currently enrolled in the O’odham tribe on a space-available basis (with Tohono O’odham tribal members receiving preference) upon approval by the school supervisor.
  • We cannot enroll a student who has been suspended or expelled from another school until the suspension from the previous school is completed or the expulsion from the previous school is withdrawn.  

Required Documentation

We are always happy to welcome new learners! Visit our office to pick up your registration packet. Please plan to provide the following documentation at the time of registration:

  • Completed enrollment application
  • Guardianship papers for students not living with their parent
  • Social Security number 
  • Certificate of Indian Blood (CIB) or Tribal Membership certificate 
  • Birth record (birth certificate or baptismal record)
  • Primary Home Language Survey 
  • For transfer students, a withdrawal form from the previous school and a Records Release form
  • Permission to publish student pictures 
  • Immunization records 
  • Health care permission form 
  • Dental treatment permission form 
  • Tohono O’odham Nation Health Care (formerly IHS) contact care form
  • Emergency Information and Check-Out form 
  • Internet Acceptable Use Policy and Agreement form
  • The Parent/Student Handbook form 
  • The Parent/Student/Teacher Partnership Compact form

Immunization Requirements

To protect children against serious vaccine-preventable diseases, Arizona school immunization law requires them to receive immunizations before entry to child care and school. Contact Tohono O’odham Nation Health Care for information about when and where to vaccinate your child.